Inquire MetaFilter. I recently got a fresh university roomate, and he is from poultry

Not long ago I had gotten a new college or university roomate, in which he are from turkey. He has a buddy here with him, furthermore from chicken. One other nights whenever his pal kept the room, the guy provided my personal roomie a big kiss (most likely throughout the cheek, I did not see it real really ’cause I became behind them) goodnight. Is it a normal social thing, or could my roomate become homosexual? Note that the guy has two luis vuitton handbags, although I’m sure that isn’t escort girls in Rochester NY actually strange for men as very stylish in most areas of european countries.

Very, if individuals familliar with turkish, or maybe just common european tradition and customs could illuminate me in regards to what’s going on with my roomie with his buddy, I would personally enjoy it. TAKE NOTE that i’m not trying to discriminate or everything right here, i mightn’t worry if he was gay, but i’d like to know.

Chicken isn’t really section of Europe, nor is it element of Iran, however for what it is worth, it’s in between the 2, and my Iranian relation perform some gender basic kiss goodbye thing.

Truthfully, I’m able to never ever have the ritual correct. I apparently fall either too much tounge, or too little.

laugh, its bull crap posted by Good Brain at 12:34 AM on Sep 1, 2007

An extended discussion in Turkey concerning the European/Arab thing triggered these : “they aren’t since European while they consider they are” “Yeah, nevertheless they’re a lot more European than you believe these include”.

It really is completely typical in poultry to see men and women kissing hello/goodbye, if not males holding possession. Then ask your roommate in regards to the custom and whether absolutely anything else noticably different? The guy certainly knows it’s not the completed part of uptight christian lands usually he would getting kissing you. May lead to an interesting dialogue, you might both learn material. posted by handee at 3:37 are on September 1, 2007

One more thing that I noticed in chicken, specifically as I was a student in Cappadocia, was that some men actually butted & applied foreheads with eachother whenever they parted, while catching eachother’s heads and pulling all of them into eachother. It appeared truly odd if you ask me in the beginning, then again some one achieved it in my opinion as well and so I knew it is a normal form of greeting for a lot of. Its absolutely much more close than many acceptable greetings. to start with I kinda flinched away at having anyone we hardly see grabbing my head semi-forcefully such as that.

Thus I’d truthfully not think he had been gay. Individual room issues away, in all honesty, muslim societies tend to be very intimately segregated and the majority of of the time guys spending some time with males, lady spend time with lady. Even with matrimony, more connecting times is by using individuals of a gender. Typically it is far less scandalous to carry hands in public areas with individuals of one’s own intercourse than with anybody in the opposite sex. Which, yeah, is quite counterintuitive. Varies according to the region, however the more conservative the spot the greater amount of this is the circumstances.

A long debate in chicken regarding the European/Arab thing generated the subsequent : “they aren’t because European because they believe they truly are” “Yeah, but they’re most European than you would imagine these are typically.”

Yeah, that really nearly nails they.

Geographically, poultry is both in Europe and Asia. It became an EU candidate nation in 1999.

The city of Istanbul (not Constantinople) is literally located in both Asia and Europe, with just a ferry ride across the Bosphorus from one side to the other. As for them staying in the EU, the quotation above is really really good. Really don’t see Europe actually ever taking poultry because it appears at this time. it doesn’t matter how much they could desire to heed Ataturk’s modern-day visions. The truth is, it is possible to complete somewhere with European cafes, but once you can still find only guys sitting in those cafes every day it is an obvious signal that traditions still has a long way commit. posted by skip lynnster at 7:45 have always been on Sep 1, 2007

There seemed to be the, most extensive blog post someplace on right here about it – sex functions and touching/kissing in other countries. I do believe it have begun from a mefi article about photo through the 1910s as well as how there was clearly yet another view of maleness. Aren’t able to find they, but some other person might recall they.

While I went to chicken a short while ago, I found myself amazed by the informal cuddling, handholding, kissing, with the completely directly Dudes truth be told there. Situations boys in america could never ever, never ever create. This business are like middle-school women in america — sitting on each other’s laps, absentmindedly using both’s locks, etc. Each one of these indicators that read “gay gay gay” to a US market, but these men happened to be very actively in search of lady love.

You will tell your roommate that some body-language situations will appear different to Americans and this other individuals at school might render him difficulty on it. Many Turkish people I met indeed there would have been surprised and mad from the suggestion which they may be homosexual, so much better they arrive as a tactful tip from you, than as a laughing accusation from a stranger just who he could then get into a fight with. published by LobsterMitten at 9:54 have always been on Sep 1, 2007

I was thinking this things typical to Muslims worldwide.

From the witnessing Shaq (a Muslim, although not really community about this) hug the turkish NBA member Hedo Turkaglu during pregame introductions, much on misunderstandings of the announcers, which commented: “it may seem like they obviously have many admiration per other.” posted by drjimmy11 at 11:36 in the morning on Sep 1, 2007

Definitely, he could possibly be gay, but absolutely nothing you have offered would show it if you ask me. Turkish men are extremely real with each other with techniques that could render Americans question, but in absolutely no way does this fundamentally suggest homosexuality. I’m from Bosnia, with lots of Turkish cultural traits and that kind of thing was somewhat usual indeed there too.

Lobstermitten’s advice is fairly good, though it’s a difficult subject to raise up. published by Dee Xtrovert at 3:52 PM on September 1, 2007

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