Discover how to making an issue and just how we can assist if a landlord or tenant breaks a guideline in home Tenancies operate

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The Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 sets out landlord and tenant legal rights and obligations. What’s more, it sets out regulations for landlords and renters. It really is an offence to split particular formula.

  • a renter is committing an offence when they ceased their particular property manager from going into the device after the property owner given a see to get in
  • a property owner was committing an offense by shutting down drinking water, temperatures or energy in an unit

When you have a conflict together with your property owner or tenant connected with the offences, you’ll work with the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit to solve the situation. We very first assess whether your own concern is an offence beneath the act.

In the event that issue is an offense beneath the operate, we’ll take action.

When the issue isnt an offense in operate, we:

  • guide you to realize the liberties and obligations within the work
  • hook the The property owner and renter panel (LTB ), just who could probably let

File a problem

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What direction to go initially

The first step should permit your property manager or tenant realize about their issue. We recommend writing a letter or e-mail to be able to have actually information.

It’s adviseable to:

  • hold a duplicate of one’s authored demands and any answers
  • notice how much time they got your own property manager or renter to address your own questions
  • look into the Residential Tenancies work, 2006 to find out if their issue try an offense

How exactly to lodge an ailment

Should you decide made an effort to contact your landlord or tenant nonetheless cant resolve the problem, give us a call at:

You will need to provide us with:

  • your own label and contact facts we really do not take private problems
  • the name and contact records of landlord or tenant youre complaining about
  • information on the grievance, for example the day and how it happened
  • supporting documents, as an example observe of admission or appropriate e-mail

After a complaint

In the event the concern is an offence according to the household Tenancies operate, 2006 we are going to:

  • get hold of your property manager or renter to attempt to solve the condition with your consent
  • submit all of them a page with details about the grievance and options to repair the problem
  • followup to find out if the issue got fixed

If issue is perhaps not settled we will begin an official investigation. This could lead to expense.

If expense were installed, the landlord or tenant must seem before a Justice in the tranquility in the Ontario courtroom of Justice. You might have to go to courtroom as a witness.

If convicted, the property owner or occupant will often have to pay for a superb.

Fines and penalties

If youre found guilty of an offense according to the house Tenancies operate, 2006 , you may need to spend a fine doing:

  • $50,000 for a specific
  • $250,000 for a corporation


The Ministry of Municipal matters and Housing will make particular conviction facts available to anyone. These convictions is posted:

  1. Corporate landlords
    • every business belief can be published
    • people found guilty along with an enterprise would not be known as
  2. Duplicate offenders
    • if convicted more often than once of the identical offence, individual brands could be uploaded

The judge bulletin would include:

  • definition with the offence
  • the penalty
  • title regarding the offender

The bulletin will be marketed to district media.

This procedure applies to latest covers was given by the Rental construction Enforcement device on or after August 17, 2017.

More support for landlords and tenants

  • addresses a wide variety of property manager and renter disputes
  • organizes for mediation and hearings to resolve disagreements
  • educates anyone regarding their rights and obligations
  • relates to non-profit cooperative construction (co-op) eviction problems

The primary difference between united states and Landlord and renter Board usually we right away intervene to resolve problems which could incorporate offences beneath the act without an application process.

If you’re uncertain of the direction to go, either Rental construction administration product personnel or LTB team can show you on your solutions.

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